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Titel Net Art 43


A Virtual Private Game
march 2002

Paul Panhuysen

What is this?
This is net art.
Made by artist Paul Panhuysen, based on the game Calcuco. Calcuco is an art project consisting of 2 complementary shapes that are placed in a square by means of strings of numbers, with the system as a startingpoint.

How does it work?
You determine the shapes and colours.
The graphical elements; their colour, rotation and backgroundcolour, are parameters you can choose. By means of Benjamin Franklin's magic square of 16, it is determined which graphical element, chosen by you, is being placed in which cell of the square.
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What do I need?
Fast PC/MAC and a fast connection.
Minimum PC/MAC with Webbrowser 4+, Flash 5, 480K resolution, audio-output. The production has been optimised for cable/DSL-connection and anno 2000 configuration. You have less? There's also the option to start without sound. In public places, like libraries or internet café's, fast computers and connections should be available. For optimum results, maximize the browser-window and put on headphones if you want to enjoy the sound better.


without sound.

with sound.


© 2002: Paul Panhuysen & MAD