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Titel Net Art 43

Traveller's Joy

Clematis Montana

A virtual private journey
june 2002

Frans Franssen

What is this?
This is net art.

The theme of this website by Frans Franssen is travelling. In the centre is a panoramic painting, in which all lines of his work (and life?) come together. On this image are nine parts and objects from which lines are worked out to the origin of each part or object. To emphasize the origin of these fragments, each travelling-sequence is placed on internetservers in places where the works have been conceived or created: Lisbon, Madeira, Munich, Groningen en Eindhoven. So the data you get in, literally comes from the place of origin.

How does it work?
You travel, discover and unveil the picture.
To discover and unveil the painting, you have to make a couple of journeys to the origin of the chosen fragments of the painting. On the panoramapainting there are nine journeys, bundled in three groups/parts. When you have completed a journey, part of the painting wil be revealed. When you've completed one journey of each of the three groups, the whole painting will be visible, movable and clickable to all other journeys.
next =nextprevious = previous
In each image a part is clickable to go on to the next image. This is visualised by means of an upward arrow. At the bottom of the image, there's a downward arrow to move back to the previous image. Some objects can be seen threedimensional: by clicking the cube, the object will be revolvable. Sometimes a journey has been executed double: you can choose a left or a right path here. In second instance you can change your choice.

What do I need?
Fast PC/MAC and a fast connection.
Minimum PC/MAC with Webbrowser 4+, Flash 5, 480K resolution. The production has been optimised for cable/DSL-connection and anno 2000 configuration. You have less? Than it will take a bit longer. In public places like libraries or internet café's, fast computers and connections should be available. For optimum results, maximize the browser-window. There's no audio on this site.


© 2002:Frans Franssen and MAD