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Titel Net Art 43

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A Virtual Private Exhibition
april 2002

Guus Koenraads

What is this?
This is net art.

Made by Guus Koenraads, this webpiece is based on his extensive series of square paintings. Starting point is the creation of a virtual space for each individual painting. The creation of these spaces is a spatial anticipation on the essence of each painting, in which the here invisible, but nevertheless essential side of the painting can be of a specific meaning. The fascination for the square, the cube and the beauty of simplicity play an important part.

How does it work?
You walk through a virtual gallery.
There are 4x4x4=64 spaces, with just as many paintings. This is represented by a cube with 4x4x4 cells, which you can choose directly by clicking on a layer and a cell in the cube-icon.
n each space you have the possibility to watch closer by zooming in in three steps. You can also go on to the next or previous space. The sequence is chronological from the first layer, top left, through the fourth layer, bottom right.

To perfectionize your stay in the Virtual Gallery, you can consult a catalogue with works and leave your name or a note in the visitor's book.

What do I need?
Fast PC/MAC and a fast connection.
Minimun PC/MAC withWebbrowser 4+, Flash 5, 480K resolution. The production has been optimised for cable/DSL-connection and anno 2000 configuration. You have less? Then it will take a bit longer to download and the images will be a bit slower. In public spaces like libraries or internet café's, fast computers and connections should be available. For optimum result, maximize the browser-window. There's no audio.


© 2002:Guus Koenraads & MAD