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Titel Net Art 43

4 a r t i s t s    4 m o n t h s    4 w e b s i t e s

Anonymous Serenade

A virtual private concert

february 2002

Mario van Horrik &
Petra Dubach

A virtual private game

march 2002

Paul Panhuysen
Without Title

A virtual private exhibition

april 2002

Guus Koenraads
Travellers' Joy
(clematis montana)

A virtual private

may 20022

Frans Franssen

Artists and webdesigners colaborate to create an experimental work for the web within a short period of time, starting from the artist's ideas. For this sake, a temporary laboratory has been established at a webdesign company. Each artist gets a month time to realise the project. From february till may 2002 the 4 projects will be created. After that, the projects will remain on the web for at least one year. The quality of the productions will be set on PC/MAC with anno 2000 standard speed/configuration and cable/DSL internet connection