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NetArt 4x4x4 project
4 artists
4 months
4 websites

MAD Emergent Art Center organizes an art-relay race: 4x4x4. Discovery of and encounter between artists and ICT are in the centre.
MAD invites four artists to develop a website in a month.
MAD supports and facilitates designing and construction of the websites by putting experts and technical means at disposal of the artist.

The sites will be published on the internet for a period of at least one year.
The intention of this project is, to enable artists who worked with ICT little or not at all, to discover and explore this new medium.

Experienced websitebuilders assist in technical and practical aspects of the project.
After working towards the conclusion in a tight schedule, four weeks later the result is published on the internet.
The starting artist of this relay race is selected by MAD, after which this one nominates the next one.

Artistsduo Mario van Horrik (Eindhoven, 1956) and Petra Dubach were found willing to start the 4x4x4-project. To this aim, they were coupled with Thomas Noordzij (multimedia design & programming).

Petra and Mario carry out projects and installations with audio and movement as the main subject.