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Titel Net Art 43

Anonymous Serenade

A Virtual Private Concert
february 2002

Mario van Horrik & Petra Dubach

What is this?
This is net art.
The webpiece is composed by the artists Petra Dubach and Mario van Horrik, by using registrations (delivered on photo, video or audio) of previously shown or performed pieces, sourcematerials to this end and actual concepts from their work. In their work, in general, Petra and Mario make use of slow motions, environmental interaction, interference of soundeffects, and elements of coincidence. This is the first experimental work of the duo on the internet. You can find more information on Dubach and van Horrik under credits.

How does it work?
Your internet-number determines the unique composition.
The IP-number of your computer will be scanned when you click 'START'. The numbers are being used to make a choice out of a large number of sounds, animations and variables. So for each computer a unique selection is made. Every computer has a different IP-number, so every serenade will be different. Depending upon whether you have a modem or cable connection, each time you go to this site, the choices made from the library will vary, or be the same. Compare selections at friends, relatives or other occasions.

What do need?
Fast PC/MAC and a fast connection.
Minimum PC/MAC with Webbrowser 4+, Flash 5, 480K resolution, audio-output. The production has been optimised for cable/DSL-connection and anno 2000 configuration. You have less? Then it will take a bit longer to download and the images will be a bit slower. In public places, like libraries or internet café's, fast computers and connections should be available. For optimum results, maximize the browser-window and put on headphones if you want to enjoy the sounds better.




© 2002: Mario van Horrik, Petra Dubach and MAD